Marinera limestone is characterized by the marine fossils on light cream background. It is one of the novel products well received by the market. Sealing is recommended for stain protection and durability.
featured product: marinera honed and filled 12’’x24’’ (30,5x61)
Dimension Alternatives for Honed and Filled

24’’x24’’x1/2’’ (61x61x1,2cm)
16’’x24’’x1/2’’ (40,6x61x1,2cm)
12’’x24’’x1/2’’ (30,5x61x1,2cm)
18’’x18’’x1/2’’ (45,7x45,7x1,2cm)
12’’x18’’x1/2’’ (30,5x45,7x1,2cm)
12’’x12’’x3/8’’ (30,5x30,5x1,0cm)
6’’x18’’x1/2’’ (15,2x61x1,2cm)
featured product: marinera tumbled 3’’x6’ (7,5x15,2)
Dimension Alternatives for Tumbled Finish

12’’x12’’x3/8’’ (30,5x30,5x1,0cm)
6’’x6’’x3/8’’ (15,2x15,2x1,0cm)
3’’x6’’x3/8’’ (7,5x15,2x1,0cm)
4’’x4’’x3/8’’ (10x10x1,0cm)

French Pattern Set
featured product: marinera brushed french pattern set