Cremadora is a mechanically strong marble allowing it to be processed into larger tiles. Light cream colored Cremadora Pearl has minor cavities filled with cream colored resin where applicable.
featured product: cremadora pearl polished 24’’x48’’ (61x122)
Dimension Alternatives for Polished or Honed Finish
24’’x48’’x1/2’’ (61x122x1,2cm)
18’’x36’’x1/2’’ (45,7x91,5x1,2cm)
24’’x24’’x1/2’’ (61x61x1,2cm)
16’’x24’’x1/2’’ (40,6x61x1,2cm)
18’’x18’’x1/2’’ (45,7x45,7x1,2cm)
16’’x16’’x1/2’’ (40,6x40,6x1,2cm)
12’’x18’’x1/2’’ (30,5x45,7x1,2cm)
12’’x12’’x3/8’’ (30,5x30,5x1,0cm)

French Pattern Set