Vanilla is one of the lightest and purest cream colored marbles. It is also a hard and durable stone. With gray and light beige movement on milky white background, Vanilla is among the most sought after and exquisite natural stones in the world.
featured product: vanilla polished 24’’x24’’ (61x61)
Dimension Alternatives for Polished Finish

24’’x24’’x1/2’’ (61x61x1,2cm)
16’’x24’’x1/2’’ (40,6x61x1,2cm)
12’’x24’’x1/2’’ (30,5x61x1,2cm)
18’’x18’’x1/2’’ (45,7x45,7x1,2cm)
12’’x18’’x1/2’’ (30,5x45,7x1,2cm)
12’’x12’’x3/8’’ (30,5x30,5x1,0cm)



featured product: shield in polished vanilla