Light Emperador is characterized by web like cream colored veins on warm and light Brown background. Light Emperador’s visual effect is impressive yet in non-dramatic fashion making it a favorite stone for commercial areas such as hotels and restaurants. Residential users who want luxury in moderation are attracted to it too.
featured product: light emperador polished 18’’x18’’ (45,7x45,7)
Dimension Alternatives for Polished Finish

16’’x24’’x1/2’’ (40,6x61x1,2cm)
12’’x24’’x1/2’’ (30,5x61x1,2cm)
18’’x18’’x1/2’’ (45,7x45,7x1,2cm)
12’’x18’’x1/2’’ (30,5x45,7x1,2cm)
12’’x12’’x3/8’’ (30,5x30,5x1,0cm)
featured product: light emperador tumbled 6’’x6’ (15,2x15,2)
Dimension Alternatives for Tumbled Finish

12’’x12’’x3/8’’ (30,5x30,5x1,0cm)
6’’x6’’x3/8’’ (15,2x15,2x1,0cm)
3’’x6’’x3/8’’ (7,5x15,2x1,0cm)
4’’x4’’x3/8’’ (10x10x1,0cm)