Gold is the warmest color in our travertine portfolio. Available in expressive Honed and Filled and rustic tumbled finishes, Gold Travertine brings brightness and energy to living spaces it decorates.
featured product: cross cut gold travertine honed filled 18’’x18’’ (45,7x45,7)
Dimension Alternatives for Honed and Filled Finish

24’’x24’’x1/2’’ (61x61x1,2cm)
12’’x24’’x1/2’’ (30,5x61x1,2cm)
18’’x18’’x1/2’’ (45,7x45,7x1,2cm)
12’’x12’’x3/8’’ (30,5x30,5x1cm)

French Pattern Set - Thickness: 1/2’’ (1,2 cm)
featured product: gold travertine tumbled 4’’x4’’ (10x10)
Dimension Alternatives for Tumbled Finish

16’’x16’’x1/2’’ (40,6x40,6x1,2cm)
12’’x12’’x3/8’’ (30,5x30,5x1,0cm)
6’’x6’’x3/8’’ (15,2x15,2x1,0cm)
3’’x6’’x3/8’’ (7,5x15,2x1,0cm)
4’’x4’’ 3/8’’ (10x10x1,0cm)

French Pattern Set Set - Thickness: 1/2’’ (1,2 cm)